Telling anyone you really have an STI can be challenging, but enough men and women have been there and done that. In this article, our Mods show their particular advice for making they smoother.

“i do believe when you’re advising somebody about an STI it’s vital that you end up being equipped with every information about they for example. how it’s sent, transmission rate, what you can do to lessen transmission, whether or not it’s curable/not treatable,” @purple.


Tinder, Bumble and plenty of different online dating sites systems became a normal part of our everyday life. But what’s it like online dating regarding the apps? We like this article from Mods just who talking positives, downsides, and personal activities.

“just what internet dating programs need y’all tried and appreciated!? What have you treasured about different ones?

Or do you merely despise all of them? I attempted Tinder for about weekly and I also only couldn’t become comfortable with it. I will be attempting Bumble now and thinking about deleting that certain too…thoughts?” @earthmama.


It’s always unexpected to hear the amount of urban myths you will find about safer intercourse. From ‘double bagging’ condoms to depending on natural hormonal techniques, here we bust a number of the strangest fables on the market.

“I scrolled past an article now debunking a misconception that I’ve really read before… it had been about utilizing two condoms! I do believe people feeling it is going to give them added safeguards?” @goldenrose. The Gamble Safe community forum is free of charge and 100percent confidential. Then become involved and get in on the talk.

Lesbian cougar

Quotation by jimmiek1964 We all know just what term cougar implies and that I ponder whether or not it relates to lesbians besides?

simplyjohn has-been confirmed

Whom actually cares . lol

Quotation by trinket Oh, I’m going to bring Sprite at this time! she actually is effective in explaining such things as this.

anyone contact my personal term?

so. I happened to be going to opt for amusing, but altered my attention.

first, a term towards utilization of cougar.

i don’t like this simple fact that they denotes a predator – this is the genuine issue with-it; somebody who preys from the younger or even the weakened. having said that, like most different unfavorable term, take the N word, the F phrase, etc, people go on it on and change it about. Cougar is regarded as those statement. there are lesbian dating sites that appeal to cougars, which they define thusly:

The term “cougar” is meant to explain the way adult, experienced and delightful girls want to see on their own, and never the bad definition involving older women preying on younger souls.

yes. you will find lesbian ‘cougars’. the girls they date, younger babes, are usually referred to as cubs or often kittens.

oh, and i’m planning to add this:

some body lately produced a comment for me that ‘you like all of them young’ using the undeniable fact that we occasionally come across playmates here being ten years roughly young. while i’m however 30, that have me personally taking into consideration the term, a bit, and regarding phenomenom generally, and here’s the actual problem with the word. it isn’t really frowned-upon for earlier boys to search out younger devotee, also respected, but a problem is sometimes made if an adult woman do exactly the same. i am confident that, got anybody also known as me a cougar, I would end up being upset. some girls don’t let by themselves, attitude best, grow old. these are generally, despite what their age is, younger in mind. I have invested opportunity with girls 3 decades more than i, and extremely, have i as yet not known, i would never posses suspected – these are typically nevertheless spirited, fun, happy, and sensuous.

furthermore, as i mentioned, the word denotates a predator. can it break free individuals who the younger women or men include part of the equation too? some people have actually older souls. some matured more quickly, specifically female. most are trying to find the the security and reliability and experience and knowledge an older girl could offer.

oh, I could spend some time with an 20 yo girl and just have a vibrant fun dialogue on all manner of topics and manage to maintain actually. AND i’m a lot of enjoyment to hold completely with, as well. therefore yeah. guys? would not bypass phoning women cougars rather than expect you’ll simply take flak for this.

Estimate by janet_haney we never ever considered me as a “Cougar” though Im interested in young ladies. But then once more within my era, everybody is younger. As Yourmisterdark said a lot of us really don’t care for the term Cougar whatsoever.

Janet Dear ever thought you are simply hot, and which in their right attention could define that with a range?

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