Willow vs. Elvie: Which is the greatest hands-free chest push? After many years of minimal major improvements to bust stations, we certainly have visited reside in an age of relative great quantity.

Willow vs. Elvie: Which is the greatest hands-free chest push? After many years of minimal major improvements to bust stations, we certainly have visited reside in an age of relative great quantity.

These day there are two bust stations being huge leaps onward for nursing or chestfeeding parents: the Elvie plus the Willow

Both Elvie and Willow are self-contained chest stations being contain destination with an entire coverage nursing boobie harness. These people are powered by rechargeable battery “> – the Willow utilizes an A/V re-charger while the Elvie makes use of USB wires. We have assessed both of them comprehensive, but here we are adding them head-to-head.

The Elvie is present for purchase either as a single push or some two, while Willow should be only offered as some two. Since in our opinion, more owners will choose the dual push, that’s what we’ll feel evaluating in this post.

What’s for the package?

The Elvie dual pump offers:

Two sites (the motors)

4 5-ounce containers

2 24mm chest guards

2 28mm breast guards

4 bra adjusters

2 USB battery charging wiring

2 flanges inside the measurements you chose

24 4-ounce whole milk bags

2 maintenance brushes

This is very first point of differentiation relating to the Willow and Elvie. The Elvie vessels with enough components to pump twice while not having to wash something except that the breasts guards. This was available in helpful for my situation after I had a need to pump in a car while traveling; i really could merely stash the grubby elements in a bag to wash within my place.

If you should be putting on both corners, you have to wash the Willow’s products before using it once more, also it can breakdown without standard cleaning up.

Which are the differences between the Willow and so the Elvie bust pump?

The leading differences include:

Exactly how much dairy each can hold

Just how productive you could be in case you pump

How challenging simply to make use of

The manner in which you put the milk


Let us start off with dollars. The Elvie’s two fold push expense $499 but has additional pieces total. The Willow in addition cost $499 and offers 24 belonging to the company’s proprietary handbags. Reusable milk pots can be bought independently for $50, and a plan of bags happens to be $23.99 for 48.

If you’re pumping with the Elvie, or the Willow’s reusable milk container, you can store breast milk in freezer bags, which are available at most stores from brands like Lansinoh or Medela. If you are with the branded Willow shelves bags, you can buy all of them right from the firm for $23.99 for a plan of 48.

Activity ranges

This pump enables better mobility than typical breasts heels that need to be plugged into a wall surface and also have longer tubes connecting the flanges toward the motor. They can be in addition a lot more discerning to use. The Elvie and Willow are generally single-user heels and can’t feel provided. Each are permitted be bought with money from a health family savings (HSA) or an adaptable taking levels (FSA). Limited insurance protection may be accessible any time you speak to your insurer.

The Willow seemingly have the apparent advantage in terms of exactly what techniques can help you while moving, due to the one-way valve when you look at the handbag. Wear a tight bra helps to keep the Willow secure enough execute yoga or some other moderate-intensity actions, even when the push will become inverted or whenever consumer was lying down. This is certainly an engineering success naturally.

Using the Elvie did not feel around secure enough to utilise training or considerable active while moving. I didn’t wanna chance causing disruption to the seal and having to start around.

Dairy milk levels

The Elvie are capable of a larger number of dairy milk created in a session – 5 oz than 4 ounces for your Willow. The Willow turns away quickly with regards to senses it’s full. This is certainly a needed function due to the fact are not able to see how a great deal of cows milk is within the case if you are putting. But’s additionally feasible for the pump to shut down prematurely in the event that detector is incorrect.

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